NIHR Global Health Policy and Systems Research Programme

Kenya-UK development award to support the design of a whole system approach to facilitate the functioning of the baby Friendly community initiative within the Kenyan health system

Brief Description: This project aims to build capacity & strengthen understanding of stakeholder research needs to facilitate the effective functioning of the Baby Friendly Community Initiative (BFCI; a community-based public health programme supporting health, growth & development of infants) within African primary care health systems. Members of our team have shown the BFCI’s efficacy within a randomised controlled trial (RCT) in Kenya and the Kenyan government is committed to scaling the BFCI. The challenge of this transition from RCT to scale is to embed the programme effectively into the health system working with existing resources. The team will engage with the community, national and regional stakeholders to; 1) Share understanding of the BFCI, 2) Identify needs for research and develop a whole systems-based strategy for the BFCI uptake and dissemination in Kenya and into other African health systems, and 3) Build capacity in health economics and systems science between the UK & Kenyan teams.

Three lectures on the systems approach (delivered by Thomas Jun and Patrick Waterson)

  1. Introduction to the Systems Approach (33min) – PDF file
  2. Tools for System Analysis – Influence Diagram (31min) – PDF file
  3. Tools for System Analysis – STAMP (43min) – PDF file