Systems Thinking Videos

AWARD-WINNING* Animation Series: Changing the way we communicate system safety research

Our research group (Human Factors and Complex Systems Research GroupLoughborough Design School, Loughborough University, UK) has carried out extensive research in applying systems approaches to complex sociotechnical system design and accident analysis across a variety of sectors – marine, rail, nuclear, food, construction, healthcare, etc.

We see there is an important need to share research findings on system safety to a wider audience including policymakers, legislators, auditors, media, activists, managers, operators, engineers, designers and the general public in both developed and developing countries. We share the vision of Late Jay Forrester (father of system dynamics) who said in his interview in 2013,

“Hope for the coming century is to develop a sufficiently large percentage of the population that have true insight into the nature of complex systems which they live.”

We created this website to house three animations and one film we have produced and relevant information. Please feel free to watch them, use them and share them far and wide.

  1. Safe Shipping: Two Contrasting Views of South Korea Ferry Accident
  2. Safe Healthcare: Systems Thinking – a New Direction in Healthcare Incident Investigation
  3. Safe Society: Two Contrasting Views of a Safe Society – What Would You Choose?
  4. Safe Mental Health: Dilemmas in Suicide Prevention

*Richard Clive Holman Award was given to three animation series (safe shipping, safe healthcare and safe society) in 2019 by CIEHF for Effective Communication of the Value of Human Factors.

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